Kai Ohlsen
Born 1994
Self taught British Artist
Currently working in Bath UK

In residence at Hodshill House, near Bath. Providing opportunity for studious research in theory and technique, and for unbridled expression. Interests primarily include capturing or representing snapshots of the aether and the alchemical synthesis of colour into language. 

Primarily painting in oil 'alla prima' technique, much of these works relish the beguiling glory of the English landscape, 'the great green epic'. Other times the paintings meander in and out of the autobiographical, exalting the allegory of unique, individual, personal religion. Chums as icons, personal effects as relics. Each of us on our own journey.


Craft and artist-as-tradesman are also prevalent themes enforced by Kai’s background as painter/decorator and labourer. This concept is used as a means to dismantle pretensions and preconceptions about art, encouraging the viewer to enjoy the work much as they might enjoy fine cabinetry. Visibly, this idea manifests itself in how much of the structural base layers and materials like raw canvas and drawing are left exposed, and the subsequent troweled-on application of paint. 

'Disco Normal' Kai Ohlsen & Jimmy Hyde at Walcot Chapel - 
'Flower Paintings' Solo show with Room34 at The Squashcourt Gallery
'Ying Chang ft. Kai Ohlsen' Show with Room34 at The Ballroom Gallery
'The Midi Show' Hodshill Studios at Walcot Chapel
'New Works' Kai Ohlsen & Jimmy Hyde at Cascara Gallery
'Herbie Bone & Friends' Group show at ICE Gallery