A few pieces in oil pastel on Disco Normal coloured canvases. Experimenting with blending linework into brushwork. The pastel’s ability to deliver a continuous line without need for reloading like a brush gives the artist a drawing like experience in full colour with a painterly finish. From the left; Greenhouse at Hodshill, Tower at Browns Folley, Stairs at Hodshill.

A selection of works from a recent exhibition with artist/designer Ying Chang at The Ballroom with Room34. The exhibition showcased our respective yet uncanny use of colour, highlighting the contrast between my flat wall works and Ying's three dimensional vessels. See below a few of the paintings exhibited.

One of the paintings from the show is still available.

New body of work beginning to emerge from the isolation period of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. Focusing, predictably, on the immediate setting here at Hodshill as the gardens and flora burst into life. So quickly do these early bloomers fade it feels only right to immortalize them in paint.

The first of these works were exhibited with Room34 at The Squashcourt in my first solo show 'Flower Paintings'.

Remaining works are available in the gallery.